Sofija Altman

Many different experiences and jobs brought me to this point. After I finished my visual art studies, I discovered that my unique talent is to make a metamorphosis – from imagined pictures to a perfect online personality and internet presence. Once you realize that there are no boundaries to what you can learn, it’s up to your preference where you will go further.

Web design came naturally to me because I have a need to be creative – and WordPress was a logical tool of choice. I am a big fan of open-source philosophy, and I am in love with WordPress. For more than 10 years I have been a happy and very skillful user of everything that the WordPress community has to offer. Each new project is a new discovery.

Over time, a big part of my job became support and troubleshooting – for other WordPress lovers that don’t have enough experience and knowledge to be able to resolve problems by themselves. I also get recognized by colleagues from other related professions, so I have the opportunity to work with great international teams of creative people.

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CEO Sofija Altman


Sara Sal González

During the years I had very successful cooperation with Sara Sal González – a strategic designer from Madrid.

We have many joint works, and I am happy to be a part of “projects with soul”. Guided by the amazing creativity and pure vision of Sara Sal, my work as a web designer and administrator is always new and interesting. We extended our offer to complete care of our customers – each in its own field.

I have several projects that were also realized in cooperation with Oscar Saez Branding & UX designer and Ramsés Oliver, a Branding & UX designer from Madrid

About work

In order for your web presence to be as successful as it is beautiful, you need to constantly invest in it.

After successful creation, there are a number of necessary actions that will set you apart from the sea of other sites.

We have the necessary skills to guide you through this comprehensive process.

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