Web Administration

Website Maintenance means regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done on a permanent basis in order to keep your website healthy.

A website today is the first thing that represents a company, keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to companies big and small in order to engage and retain customers.

Website Maintenance can easily become unimportant on the first glimpse – as it doesn’t always present immediate issues. However, just like anything else can fall apart if you go too long without a regular check-up, so can the health of your website.

Regular monitoring of your website is a must for keeping your business running smoothly.

After launching a website depending on the content and purpose of your web – you will need to enter some changes in text and add pages or images, change the prices of products, and add important events…in other words to keep your website up to date with your day-to-day business.  This is Web Administration part.

There is no need to learn how to do it yourself, with a monthly plan of maintenance you can have these small changes done, and also have a preferential price per working hour for some further actions that you need.

We grow with the internet through a wide spectrum of functionality, and the possibility of constant change and improvement of starting web points. We can add something new, refresh our image, and be always in the latest trends – without the need to start from scratch.

Depending on the size and complexity of a website monthly-based price of maintenance can vary, but here are some basic points that this kind of arrangement covers

Occasional changes in the content of a smaller volume (up to 5 working hours per month)

All kinds of small interventions

· Edit / add an image, video, text in the existing content
· Adding new slides with video, image, editing existing ones
· Add new pages with full content

Bigger content changes

Preferential price per working hour for users of monthly maintenance plan 

Adding more pages with all it’s content, installing new plugins,  replacing old solutions with new and advanced ones.

Adding functionality

Preferential price per working hour for users of monthly maintenance plan 

Security maintenance:

Possibility of a partial monthly fee with just the listed options below

· Update WordPress and plugins
· Monitoring in terms of brute-force attacks, spam, and malware protection by CMS by using Firewall software for WP
· Creating a monthly backup and site backup, and/or after some major change
· Restore the site to the previous state (with backup) in the event of a problem

Detection of problems and interventions

Preferential price per working hour for users of monthly maintenance plan 

in the event of a WP problem (a plugin that has stopped working – replacing with similar, correspondence with developers or plugin support, no display of content, misstatement of content

What are updates and why do we need them?

Updates to any software are released for three reasons.
to fix security vulnerabilities.
to fix bugs that have been discovered in the code.
to add new features.
We need to consistently install the updates that are available for our sites because all sites need security patches so that they are not vulnerable to known hacks. Additionally, all sites benefit from bug fixes because then they are running off a more stable codebase.

*Source WordPress.org